How Much Do You Know About Social Security? (Quiz)

Social Security can be complicated to navigate at times, but since it’s so vital to your retirement income plan, it’s important to make wise decisions and create strategies to optimize your benefits.

If you’re planning for your retirement income and evaluating your Social Security filing options, take a moment to test your knowledge first.

Welcome to your How Much Do You Know About Social Security?

What Percentage of Americans Does Social Security Cover?
For the majority of Americans, Social Security makes up how much of their retirement income?
You receive the same Social Security benefits regardless of when you apply, as long as you’re 62 years old.
You should always delay Social Security for as long as possible to get the biggest payout.
What is the average Social Security retirement benefit payment per month?
Social Security benefits are taxable.
What age does the Social Security Administration define Full Retirement Age (FRA)?
For married couples, should the lower-earning spouse or higher-earning spouse collect benefits first?

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