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Host Of The Savvy Investor Show, Michael Canet JD LLM, Takes a Look at Predictions for the Market End of Year Earnings

Michael Canet JD LLM, is a financial planner, estate planning attorney and host of The Savvy Investor TV and Radio Show, where he and Savvy Investor guests help listeners create, grow, and preserve their wealth. In this blog post, Canet … Continue reading

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Stocks: Up, Up, and Away in Q4

Fourth quarters can be nerve racking – they’re a time when it feels like anything can, and does, happen (football fans know this feeling well). But for year’s end, the stock market (traditionally) rockets away in earnings from previous quarters. … Continue reading

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Tax Tips from The Savvy Investor

On December 15, 2014 Congress passed the Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2014…just in time to avoid shutting down the government! The passage of this act included many provisions that we rely on to reduce and minimize our tax liability. … Continue reading

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