About Mi Casa Hogar

Acapulco is known as a playground for the rich and famous. But for many children who live there, there are few fun and games – just a daily battle for survival.

Enter Casa Hogar del Niño de Acapulco, a former luxury hotel transformed into an orphanage whose mission is to help those children to a brighter tomorrow. The moving Emmy nominated documentary Mi Casa Hogar reveals the unique history of this very special and crucial resource, as it tells the uplifting stories of the kids it cares for on a daily basis, including those given up by their impoverished parents, those living on the streets, and those abused and mistreated by those who were supposed to care for them. Discover their special smiles and upbeat attitudes through the eyes of a group of American entrepreneurs visiting on a mission of hope and help, in this beautifully-photographed and evocative film. Mi Casa Hogar demonstrates what a difference a loving “home” can make.



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